About Us Old

REFASH is a platform: 

REFASH is the world's first platform for upcycled fashion. We feature and retail collections of designers, brands and create artisans who create contemporary pieces of fashion from waste or discarded materials.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. 
Let that sink in.

Women wear a garment, on average, 7 times before throwing it away. Of all garments that are donated to charities or thrift stores, only 10% get sold. The rest are dumped in the landfills. 

We believe fashion is far too precious to end up in landfills. 

As much as 95% of these clothes that are thrown away, could have been re-worn, recycled or upcycled. By re-using old clothes, we actually help reduce the amount of natural resources needed to produce new garments and give old garments a new life. 

That's why, REFASH!

REFASH (verb) - describing an action of taking an old, discarded product and upcycling it into a contemporary, useful, creative product for use.

Here, you will discover contemporary upcycled products and accessories and the creative artisans, designers and brands behind these sustainable products that are re-purposed, re-loved and refashed. You will also find stories of these innovative individuals of how they create these upcycled collections and their unique approach to design and upcycling.

We believe that REFASH is not just a brand, it is a movement. A movement of changing consumption habits. A movement of embracing products that we have been discarded. A movement of re-loving our own waste. 

Vision: A Successful Circular Economy
Our vision is to create a world where nothing ends up on the landfill. We hope to create a circular economy where all products are re-used again and again, in different ways and waste is not an option. 

To Bring Change:
We hope to facilitate a change in the mindsets of consumers by converting their trash into treasure. One piece at a time.