Urban Suburban: Eco-Chic Holiday and Occasion Wear



In 2017, the vibrant city of Surat, saw the emergence of a brand that was destined to make waves in the Indian fashion industry. Founded by three visionary sisters, Urban Suburban was born out of a keen observation and a deep-seated passion.

The founders noticed that Indian women often faced challenges in finding the right fit with national and international brands, due to limited sizes, designs, and colors. Urban Suburban stepped in with the mission to fill these gaps.

Urban Suburban is India's holiday and occasion wear brand. Their collection is a tribute to the fearless and experimental spirit of women. With its cutting-edge designs and versatile options, the brand encourages women to embrace fashion as self-expression.


Urban Suburban’s logo is a reflection of the brand’s essence, incorporating both Indian and Western scripts. This bilingual element is not just symbolic, but a nod to the rich blend of fabrics from India and around the world used in their creations.

The bilingual logo reflects its commitment to merging international styles with the richness of Indian textiles, all while keeping the unique requirements of the Indian woman at the heart of its design philosophy.


Deeply committed to sustainability, the brand focuses on local sourcing of surplus fabrics and adopts a made-to-order approach to avoid mass production. By thoughtfully considering their operational methods, they are actively engaged in minimising their carbon footprint.

What sets Urban Suburban apart from typical fast fashion brands is their dedication to utilising high-quality surplus, remnant, or leftover fabric from factories. This innovative approach not only ensures the creation of premium products but also prevents these materials from contributing to landfills.


Urban Suburban takes immense pride in being a “Make in India” brand, contributing positively to the nation’s economy. When you purchase from Urban Suburban, you are buying a piece of sustainable fashion and, at the same time, supporting a local business that further bolsters the Indian economy.


Here's a link to the entire Urban Suburban's collection, available on Refash for all the conscious consumers.


The best sellers include a range of items, from shirts and tops to dresses, and pants to skorts. Below are a few highlights. Click on the images to shop.




Experience empowerment wearing these statement pieces. A "माँ, I am a rich man" patch adorns this red & white cropped shirt, and the blue oversized shirt features the same patch, while a ''गर्लबॉस'' patch enhances the striped skort.






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