Circular Soundscapes: Upcycled Speakers and Sustainable Audio

Speaker systems crafted with sustainable methods, featuring upcycled materials, are creating new possibilities in the realm of technology. By repurposing materials destined for landfills, these innovative creations help promote environmental sustainability and present the vast potential of upcycled resources. Below, we explore a series of unique creations by various brands that redefine how we experience music, offering sound systems that let users enjoy high-quality audio in an eco-friendly way.


Wimbledon Tennis Ball Speakers

HearO is an inventive UK brand that has carved a niche by repurposing retired tennis balls into Bluetooth speakers. This innovative solution addresses the issue of numerous discarded tennis balls. After several prototypes, HearO successfully launched these portable speakers. Their initial edition featured repurposed Wimbledon tennis balls, enhancing the product's uniqueness. Every speaker is housed in an upcycled tin, with parts designed using 3D technology. This unconventional product opens a new level of creative reuse, where engineering and sustainability meet to create an eco-friendly design concept.

(Image credit: HearO Wimbledon Speaker Collection)


Post-Consumer Waste Speakers

Gomi, a UK-based creative design studio, excels in upcycling post-consumer waste into innovative products with circular design elements. They specialise in creating upcycled speakers and power banks, targeting materials that are typically destined for landfills, such as non-recyclable plastics and batteries from damaged e-bikes. Gomi claims that the materials used for one speaker are equal to recycling about 45 plastic bags, such as plastics like bags, packaging, and bubble wrap. Their unique approach extends to the power banks they produce, launched under the slogan "Power your phone with waste." The brand name "Gomi," which means "waste" in Japanese, aptly suits the studio's mission. Their latest product, "Collection One," features wireless, portable Bluetooth speakers that are colourful, attractive and made with sustainable design principles. Each item is hand-crafted, repurposing "non-recyclable" waste into well designed, earth-friendly products, promoting circularity in design.

(Image credit: Gomi Collection One Speakers)


Salvaged Concrete Speakers

YKMA, a design studio based in the Netherlands, debuted an unprecedented design at Dutch Design Week: the OC1 loudspeaker, a handmade creation crafted from concrete salvaged from demolished buildings. This new eco-friendly design method diverts concrete blocks from landfills and later moulds them into high-fidelity speakers. The OC1 represents YKMA's commitment to circular design principles, aiming to produce environmentally friendly and durable speakers. By repurposing building materials, YKMA introduces a novel and sustainable concept in speaker design, with both innovation and environmental responsibility.

(Image credit: YKMA Studio Concrete Speakers)


Discarded Tyre Speakers

SEAL is a Japanese brand known for its recycling approach, focusing on handmade bags and accessories crafted from recycled vehicle and truck tyre tubes. Employing skilled Japanese craftsmanship, SEAL is profoundly dedicated to creatively repurposing materials destined for landfills. Expanding beyond their usual recycled tyre collection, they had ventured into a new product category with the introduction of limited edition Bluetooth speakers made from the sustainable tyres. This upcycled collection presents SEAL's innovation and their stringent quality control process, which involves meticulous selection and processing of tyre materials. By taking on innovative challenges and using recycled materials into unique design techniques, the brand thoroughly practices circular and eco-friendly design. 

(Image credit: SEAL Recycled Tyre Speaker Collection)


Upcycled Steel, Wood, and Ceramic Speakers

Transparent, an award-winning brand from Stockholm, is known for its commitment to circular principles and futuristic, low-carbon footprint tech designs. They have launched an exclusive range of speakers under the name "Upcrafted," made from upcycled materials including discarded stainless steel. Handmade by Jonas Majors, a Stockholm-based blacksmith, these speakers are meticulously moulded and designed into what is known as the "black box." Each one of these durable and aesthetically minimalistic speakers weighs approximately 20 kilograms. The "Upcrafted" collection includes three upcycled versions made from steel, wood, and ceramic, with minimalistic design and sustainability. To provide exclusivity and environmental consciousness, only 10 units of each material were produced. This limited-edition, eco-friendly collection from Transparent represents their circular idea to combine technology with sustainability, marking a mindful impact on reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly consumer products.

(Image credit: Transparent Upcrafted Speaker Collection)

As we conclude our exploration of these innovative, upcycled speaker systems, it's clear that technology and sustainability can lead to remarkable eco-friendly products. These brands are providing a new lease of life to discarded materials and enhancing our auditory experience with their unique designs. The journey towards a more sustainable future in technology continues, and these speaker systems prove the creative possibilities that emerge when we think green.

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