Refash's First Upcyclers Brand Meet Up - Collaboration for a Greener Future


Our very first Upcyclers Meet-Up in Delhi was to create a platform to unite upcycling designers and brands. The central theme for the meetup was "collaboration", with discussions revolving around how the brands and we at Refash could mutually reinforce each other to increase awareness for sustainable and upcycled fashion.

This collaboration was aimed at sharing challenges, achievements, and offering services, insights, or support to one another to grow and nurture our collective success and in driving forward with a united objective of minimising waste.


Bringing together innovative upcycling brands, each with their unique approaches to minimising landfills and creating zero waste products, this occasion showcased a shared commitment to driving positive change. Among the brands that attended were:

PIEUX: renowned for its circular module, specialising in creating luxury sustainable fashion that is innovative, stylish, and upcycled. Their designs cater to modern wear, offering a perfect blend of eco-consciousness and trendiness.

WE ARE LABELESS: dedicated to crafting handcrafted sustainable products, We are Labeless embodies the principles of slow fashion, offering conscious luxury for daily wear. Their focus on sustainability ensures that each piece is ethically made and environmentally friendly.

ARTISANNS NEST: Artisanns Nest excels in sustainable home decor and interior design with a zero-waste approach. By reducing landfill waste, they showcase the beauty of upcycling and promote environmentally conscious choices for stylish and eco-friendly homes.

MIRAAISH: Miraaish is a conscious brand that specialises in sustainable jewellery and home decor. Their artisanal creations are carefully crafted using sustainable materials, reflecting their commitment to both style and environmental responsibility.

LAFAANI: Lafaani is a brand that celebrates craft heritage by designing slow fashion clothes with a focus on prolonging their use. Their garments are thoughtfully made, incorporating traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices to create timeless pieces.

MATERIAL LIBRARY OF INDIA: As an organisation dedicated to addressing waste-related problems, the Material Library of India uses research-driven methods to create awareness and educate about sustainable practices. They work towards finding innovative solutions and promoting a circular economy.

NOUPELLE: Noupelle creates beautiful and unique artisanal jewellery pieces handcrafted with upcycled leather. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their designs, as they transform discarded materials into stylish accessories.

VURI: Vuri is known for creating limited, one-of-a-kind sustainable fashion pieces with a zero-waste policy. Their commitment to affordability ensures that sustainable fashion is accessible to a wider audience, promoting conscious consumer choices.

As creative energies converged, discussions centered around strategies to collectively foster positive environmental change through upcycling. Refash provided an atmosphere that encouraged collaboration and knowledge-sharing, building upon each other's strengths.

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