Refash Take Back Program

Be part of a special initiative launched by Refash to upcycle and reduce textile waste!

Believe it or not, the key to a cleaner, sustainable environment could be hiding in your wardrobe. By donating unwanted clothing to Refash for upcycling, you can contribute to making a significant impact on the planet. 

Let us guide you through the realm of clothing take back programs, why they're important, and how you can get involved with Refash’s Take Back program in creating a cleaner & greener environment together!

What exactly is a Take Back Program?

Take back programs are initiatives launched by clothing brands and retailers to collect used garments from customers, with the primary goal of either recycling, repurposing, or properly disposing of them. 

They also help in raising awareness of sustainable, ethical fashion practices, encouraging consumers to think about their purchasing habits and how to make more eco-friendly choices promoting green living.

Refash's Take Back Program: A Game-Changer for the Environment!

  • The Take Back program by Refash is a mindful intiative dedicated to giving a second life to used garments by upcycling them into new products.
  • Textiles that end up in landfills decompose slowly forming harmful methane gases and releasing toxins into the air and soil. Many landfill-bound fabrics could have been reused, upcycled, or recycled instead.
  • By decluttering your wardrobe and donating to our take back program, you can have a major impact on reducing textile waste, and in promoting a more sustainable future.
  • We partner with our upcycling brands so you can be assured that your unwanted clothes will be repurposed and upcycled.


How to engage in Refash’s Take Back Program?

Our take back programme is designed to motivate our community to declutter their closets and to donate their unwanted clothing in order to make a difference.

Taking part in our Take Back program is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Gather your unwanted clothing items and ensure that they are clean and in a good condition. 
  2. Fill out this clothes donation form Take Back Program - Clothes Donation Form – REFASH 

We’ll get in touch to let you know where you can send your donated clothes. Once they’ve been quality checked by our team, we’ll send you a Beginners Upcycling Kit and a 15% discount voucher to enjoy on

Declutter, donate and do good! Plus make space for some new upcycled statement pieces in your cleaner closet.


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