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About Becicle -

Becicle is a sustainable startup based in Berlin Neukölln, Germany which makes handcrafted bags from rubber. Founded by a small family with roots in Charlottenburg, Berlin and San Juan, Argentina, the concept of this company is based on their observation on litter.

After the family moved to a new residential area, they could not help but observe the huge chunk of waste such as furniture, kitchen gadgets, clothes and tyres which were left untouched and unnoticed for months on the streets.

"Instead of looking at this degradation, they questioned themselves about how they could help change the environment, and that is how the idea of Becicle was born."

Their mission involves producing ‘practical goods by reusing raw materials and preserving the remaining sources.’ Thus, they are dedicated to producing their bags by recycling and choose rubber as their main material and best alternative to leather because it’s robust ,waterproof, sturdy and environment-friendly.

The brand ensures a variety of upcycling products ranging from handcrafted bags to fashionable wallets.The philosophy of Becicle is to ensure that they’re more than just a company who are reusing raw materials and aim to preserve the ecological values of our planet.

We followed their design journey to understand how they are creating sustainable accessories and stylish bags with this distinct approach of reusing the waste.

Design Process -

 Search & Collection

One of the most important materials for the finished products of Becicle is rubber that is mainly found in tyres from local wheel services for trucks, tractors, bicycles or any other vehicles that use inner tubes or in skips (large metal containers for rubbish) or is either found in waste bins.

(Search & Collection of tyres)


As soon as the material is collected, they ensure to disinfect and cleanse the used materials with a washing machine on high temperature and get rid of the persistent dirt by hand. Subsequently, the materials are scrutinized in order to select parts that are appropriate for further manufacturing.

(Cleaning of the tubes)

Design & Cut

After assembling dirt-free rubber parts, They work into designing and cutting by chopping rubber in different pieces according to the variant patterns of bag and requirements. Thus, different products require a different amount of rubber for unique designs. However, it may seem like an easy process but is actually challenging to get straight pieces out of round and concave tyres.

However, Becicle has a new approach to their products appearance. They add a few more materials such as belts and textiles which are mainly recycled in a majority of the products.

(Designing & Cutting)

Sewing and Product Ready

After the cutting of these rubber pieces as per the shape and size of the bag in production, The next process involves sewing all the pieces together with the help of an industrial sewing machine using triple transportation.

Once all the pieces are sewed, the quality of the product is tested and finally, Becicle bag is ready which is aesthetically and environmentally beautiful along with being combust and versatile.

(Sewing & Quality Check)
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