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Ret Pet Collar

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Vendors: REFASH
Type: Pet Accessory


  • A RET( रेत ) pet collar made of dark brown upcycled leather. 
  • This all weather collar is easy to use, simple to clean and has a super leather strap. This comfortable and functional collar is also dirt and odor resistant.
  • This is a part of Kassa's collection Ret( रेत ) which is inspired by the ancient Dabu Printing technique from Rajasthan.
  • Elements from the Peacock Gate(City Palace) and Mughal inspired utensils have been carefully picked up to develop an organic print for “Ret”.
  • This collection celebrates the richness of the typical 'Dabu' craft practiced in Jaipur only on textiles. We have revived it from the brink of extinction and used it on waste leather.
  • Most importantly, this craft has been useful in treating the blemishes and parts which are on the verge of being sent to landfill. This collection epitomises all the qualities and ideologies that Kassa stands for. 
  • Seeing this stylish accessory on animal companion will have you feeling like a proud pet parent. 
  • Do not wash/iron this product.
  • This upcycled product is made by Kassa.



Upcycled Leather

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