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A Refash listicle of brands to upcycle your old clothes

Refash brands go beyond creating upcycled products using post-production and post consumer waste by offering custom upcycling services for those who are looking to repurpose their old clothes. In case you were looking for such a service or looking to donate your old clothes - this curated guide is for you!

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Lukka Chuppi - Creating collapsible & detachable lifestyle accessories
Self-Assembly, zero-waste, upcycled and handcrafted are a few words that define Ishani Kanani's brainchild, Lukka Chuppi. The brand creates quirky, collapsible and detachable lifestyle products that are made from leftover fabric, wood and non animal based materials. The products are multi-occasional that can change in an instant to suit different events.
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Punah: - An upcycling initiative creating bespoke denim pieces

Punah: is a slow fashion brand founded by Aashita Jain that aims to provide an upcycling service to its' audience by giving a second life to textile waste using Indian handicraft techniques. The brand reimagines textile waste generated at all levels - be it pre-production, production, post-production or even post-consumer waste. 

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Satat - Crafting jewellery with reclaimed wood

Satat is a contemporary brand that creates handcrafted jewellery pieces out of reclaimed teak wood using the age old technique of carving. Concentrating on the materials, the process of how the jewellery is made, its' life cycle and finally the disposal of the product, each design made by Satat is sustainable and will leave lesser carbon footprint behind.

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Biji Biji Brand Story
About the Brand: Biji Biji Ethical Fashion is the brainchild of Biji Biji Initiative, a pioneering social enterprise in Malaysia. They create beautiful, functional and timeless handmade fashion accessories using unique materials which are barely experimented with in the fashion world.  We spoke...
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Beej - a sustainable lifestyle initiative
Beej, a lifestyle & accessories brand founded by Arundhati Kumar believes that sustainability & style must co-exist for our planet's future. Beej designs their products with new age materials that are sustainable in different forms to create timeless accessories for a better tomorrow. 
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